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ADT: #1 in Home Security since 1874

Get further information at Home Security in Wilmington. For over 130 years, ADT has worked hard at keeping families in Fayetteville NC safe and secure. When it comes to home security, ADT has the experience, knowledge, and understanding you need to help protect your family. Let Home Security in Greenville help protect your property. With the added ADT benefit of having four interconnected monitoring centers located across the country, ensuring fast alarm response in Fayetteville NC, and continued advances in home security equipment, you will be prepared to help protect your family from any emergency. Help deter criminals from targeting your home with Home Security in Jacksonville.

“My main concern was price. ADT gave me a really low monthly monitoring cost, which I can’t complain about!”
– Kitty Schroeder, Fayetteville NC

What Can ADT Offer You?

Play it safe with Home Security in Goldsboro. Fast Alarm Response
In the rare event that your security alarm goes off, ADT will immediately contact you from one of four monitoring stations, and if needed, one of ADT’s trained professional dispatchers will contact your local authorities in Fayetteville. Many times, when you have an ADT monitored home security system installed in your Fayetteville NC home, the response times can even be faster than calling 911. Trust Home Security in Lumberton to help keep your place safer.

Easy-to-Use Home Security System
Improve your safety now with Home Security in Greenville NC. With a security system, you want ease-of-use and simplicity alongside all the advanced security. ADT offers a convenient keychain remote, where you can easily arm or disarm the entire home security system. You will not have to worry about set-up either, because ADT offers professional installation in Fayetteville NC, and the system practically maintains itself! ADT provides simple security systems that provide practicality and security.

Low Monthly Monitoring Rates
Home Security in Rocky Mount helps keep you safer. Not only can you get monitoring prices for around a dollar a day, but you may also save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance just by owning an ADT monitored security system. Depending on which pricing option you choose with your free equipment, you could get ADT monitoring for as low as $36.99 per month. ADT is less expensive than a family watch dog! It costs an average of $40-$50 per month to care for your pet, but ADT costs you as little as $36.99 per month. Home Security in Cary helps keep crime away.

Families need Home Security in Durham. 24-Hour Monitoring by ADT’s Trained Professionals
ADT’s safety-certified dispatchers are highly trained to help handle any emergency in alarm system monitoring. ADT features five interconnected monitoring centers throughout the US. When it comes to helping protect you and your family, ADT is the number 1 name in home security. When choosing a home security system, it is important to know that the response times will be fast given any emergency, and you want to make sure the dispatchers are safety-trained. If safety matters you need Home Security in Raleigh.

Let Home Security in Wilmington help protect your household today.

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